It’s a girl! It had always been a dream for Tasheen to have a baby and become a mother but her hopes were dashed on her first try. Her doctor told her fibroids were to blame for her miscarriage. Tasheen didn’t give up her hope. She treated her fibroids nonsurgically, opting for the UFE procedure
As I travel around the Metro Atlanta area, I often visit Primary Care Doctors, Internal Medicine Doctors, Family Medicine Doctors and Gynecologists. Little did I know my actions would lead to a mother and daughter duo’s decision to treat their fibroids with UFE, Uterine Fibroid Embolization. One day I walked into Dr. Cao’s office and
The Center for Black Women’s Wellness will host its annual health fair on Saturday, November 11 from 11 AM to 3 PM at the Dunbar Neighborhood Center located at 477 Windsor St. in Atlanta. There will be vendors and exhibitors and free health screenings. Some of the free screenings include mammograms, prostate exams, body mass

Getting Pregnant After UFE

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Tasheen was suffering from fibroids for years but knew she wanted to have a baby. Even though she was pass what had been dubbed “advanced maternal age,” Tasheen was determined to have her miracle baby but she never thought conceiving a child would become an uphill battle. Fibroids were to blame. Was it possible to

Treating Your Fibroids Non Surgically

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 by
It’s amazing how times have changed. There was a period in time when women were only offered surgical options to treat their fibroids. Now women can treat their fibroids non-surgically and return home the same day.   I recently participated in a health fair for Women’s Week at Green Forest Baptist Community Church in Decatur.

Shed Fibroids and Pounds With UFE

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Many women who suffer from fibroids often put on unwanted pounds because they are carrying fibroids in their uterus and often times that can lead to a puffy stomach or a stomach pouch. Women always ask me if they’ll lose weight after having UFE and the answer is you’ll probably shed unwanted pounds if you
Suffering from uterine fibroids? Do you suffer with heavy cycles, pain, urinary frequency, constipation, or painful intercourse? You may have uterine fibroids. Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors located in and around the uterus and normally wreak havoc on your life during your monthly cycle. If you find yourself planning your life around your cycle, you may
Having uterine fibroids is a real problem especially if white is your favorite color.  When you’re fibroid free wearing white is not an issue. I recently spoke to a City of Atlanta staffer who told me she loves to wear white and would love to wear white again but she can’t because she has fibroids.
With millions of women around the country suffering from uterine fibroids, the movement to heighten fibroid awareness is gaining momentum.  At a recent health fair sponsored by Congressman David Scott, Dr. Neel Patel and I talked to the Congressman about his commitment to increase fibroid awareness on the national level. Congressman Scott, a dear friend

Keep Your Lady Parts

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Realizing you had a hysterectomy and it wasn’t necessarily a path that you had to take when you’re dealing with fibroids can be a bit shocking. I met several women at a health fair for the TV and Film industry in Georgia and one woman in particular was surprised to learn her uterus could’ve been
July is Fibroid Awareness Month in Georgia. The observance was spearheaded by Tanika Gray Valbrun, founder of the White Dress Project. Mrs. Valbrun who suffered from fibroids is on a mission to bring awareness to the plight of women suffering from fibroids. During Fibroid Awareness Month, I encourage women to monitor their monthly cycles. Women
It is amazing how strong and dedicated women can be when they are determined to improve their status in life. I participated in a health fair at the Atlanta police headquarters recently and I met a lot of women both civilian and police officers. I also met the beautiful new police chief who happens to