July is Fibroid Awareness Month in Georgia. The observance was spearheaded by Tanika Gray Valbrun, founder of the White Dress Project. Mrs. Valbrun who suffered from fibroids is on a mission to bring awareness to the plight of women suffering from fibroids. During Fibroid Awareness Month, I encourage women to monitor their monthly cycles. Women
It is amazing how strong and dedicated women can be when they are determined to improve their status in life. I participated in a health fair at the Atlanta police headquarters recently and I met a lot of women both civilian and police officers. I also met the beautiful new police chief who happens to


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  While the attending the 5th annual Atlanta Medical Association’s All White Party, I reflected on the number of women I’ve encountered over the years who never wear white. You’ll never see them in a white dress, white pants, white shorts or a white skirt.  They never wear white because they have uterine fibroids and


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I attended a day party with a purpose presented by radio and TV personality Carol Blackmon who also happens to one of my besties. It was designed as a fun event but also a party with a purpose as the folks who attended were able to get great information from some of the vendors at the


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When you’re a busy hair stylist in Atlanta, the last thing you want to deal with is heavy monthly cycles, blood clots and pain. Unfortunately, that’s what Starlyn had to deal with because she was suffering from uterine fibroids. She also suffered from painful intercourse and pressure on her bladder. Her doctor prescribed birth control