You Can Wear White When You’re Fibroid Free

Having uterine fibroids is a real problem especially if white is your favorite color.  When you’re fibroid free, wearing white is not an issue.

I recently spoke to a City of Atlanta staffer who told me she loves to wear white and would love to wear white again, but she can’t because she has fibroids. She says now black is the color she wears most days because she’s afraid of having accidents. She said she can’t work out or engage in any fun or leisurely activities because she doesn’t have the energy. “I’m constantly bleeding.”

Fibroid Treatment

Unfortunately, the staffer never knows what to expect when she on her cycle, and she never knows when it’s going to start. There’s no certain day of the month when her cycle is going to start because she is not like many women whose period starts around the same day every month. “I never know what’s going on with my period. I don’t know when it’s going to start or stop.”

The staffer who shall remain nameless is forced to keep all of her supplies, including her pads and underwear in her purse. I listened to her heartbreaking story as I participated in a health fair at Atlanta City Hall several months ago, but having had enough and being fed up with her cycle running her life, the staffer called me and said she’s ready to get her life back. “I want to wear white again.”

Is your monthly cycle running your life? Can you wear white whenever you want to, even when you are on your period? Do you have to pad up and pack supplies to take to work when you are on your period? Do you have heavy cycles? Do you see blood clots or experience pain when you’re on your cycle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have fibroids. You don’t have to suffer. You can wear white.

Start your fibroid treatment journey with us. Wear white again!

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