Roadmap to Recovery

I think I have fibroids, what do I do?


Book your initial consultation

Book your initial consultation with Dr. Patel through a video call.
If requested, your first visit can also be scheduled in person at the clinic.


Initial Visit:

Dr. Patel will evaluate your medical history and review your pelvic ultrasound images to determine if you are afflicted with fibroids.
If you don’t have an ultrasound, Dr. Patel will order one for review.


Determining that you have fibroids

After reviewing your pelvic ultrasound image, and determining that you have fibroids, Dr. Patel will order a pelvic MRI.
It may take a minimum 1-2 weeks to obtain a booking date for your MRI.


Follow-up Visit:

Once you have your MRI results, Dr. Patel will review it with you to determine your candidacy for Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) or an alternate treatment option.


UFE is established

Once your candidacy for UFE is established, the clinic will book your procedure date and obtain a prior authorization for the treatment through your insurance company.

Take the First Step Towards Relief

What happens on the day of my ufe procedure and after it is completed?

Your UFE (which normally takes less than an hour to perform) is done as an outpatient procedure by Dr. Patel.General Anesthesia or sutures are not required, and the tiny incision made in your wrist or groin for the treatment will be numbed beforehand to ensure you feel no pain.

You must have a driver present to safely transport you home after your UFE procedure.

Dr. Patel conducts a daily wellness call with you following your UFE for a week. A 3-month follow up consultation will be booked.

Are there any do’s and don’ts immediately after my ufe procedure?

You will experience cramping in your lower abdominal region (like what you experience during your period) for about 24 hours after your procedure. This cramping will decrease quickly. You will also be prescribed pain medications to take as needed. Dr. Patel requests you rest at home for at least one week and follow these simple guidelines after your procedure:

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