Recovery from UFE

What Is The Recovery Time After UFE?

Understanding that recovery after UFE can differ for everyone is crucial. Generally, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to fully recover. Dr. Neel Patel will provide you with detailed post-procedure instructions for your home care.
Anticipate experiencing pain or cramps for several days post UFE, potentially lasting up to a couple of weeks in some cases. Mild nausea is also common during this period. Crampy abdominal pain resembling an intensified menstrual period is normal and should diminish gradually.
Prescribed pain medications may cause constipation. Over-the-counter stool softeners can reduce this discomfort, alongside staying well-hydrated and consuming fiber-rich foods. Low-grade fever or mild nausea might occur due to chemicals released by the treated fibroids; these symptoms typically resolve within a week.
Vaginal discharge is common after UFE. Refrain from sexual intercourse or using vaginal products like tampons for two weeks, unless instructed otherwise. Showers are permitted 24 hours after the procedure, but baths should be avoided for five days. Limit physical activities and take time off to enable complete recovery. By the second week, significant improvement should be noticeable, and most women can resume normal activities within 8-14 days post UFE.
Improvements in fibroid-related symptoms are typically observed within the first three months post-procedure. It is not uncommon to miss a period in the month following UFE as your cycle adjusts, but when it resumes, it’s often significantly improved compared to before.
Over 90% of women report better periods two years after undergoing UFE.

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