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Dr. Neel Patel

Dr. Neel Patel, MD

Board Certified Vascular and Interventional Radiologist located in Doraville, GA & Decatur, GA

Dr. Neel Patel, MD is a board-certified vascular and interventional radiologist specializing in the nonsurgical treatment of uterine fibroid by Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedure. He is the founder and medical director of Minimally Invasive Center of Atlanta located in Doraville and Decatur, Georgia.

Dr. Patel received his undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech and obtained his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia. He completed his residency in Radiology at Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey and then went on to complete his fellowship training in Vascular and Interventional Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After completing his fellowship, Dr. Patel worked at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. He’s currently certified by the American Board of Radiology and also holds a certificate in Interventional Radiology.

His practice, Minimally Invasive Center of Atlanta, is recognized as one of the leading centers for the UFE procedure for treatment of uterine fibroids. Dr. Patel has extensive experience in performing this non-invasive procedure and prides himself on educating women about uterine fibroids and ease their symptoms. He ensures that every patient gets individualized attention during her treatment and has a truly positive experience during her visit to the office.

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