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What is Uterine Fibroid Embolization?

Have you been diagnosed with uterine fibroids or believe that you have fibroids but are looking for a safe, less invasive alternative to surgery?

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that helps women find lasting relief from the discomfort and inconvenience caused by uterine fibroids. This FDA-approved treatment involves injecting small particles into the arteries that supply blood to the fibroids, effectively cutting off their nutrient supply and causing them to shrink and eventually die.

It’s typically an outpatient procedure with minimal discomfort, and a bandaid. The patient can return to work within a week!

Learn how Dr. Neel Patel and the Atlanta Fibroid Clinic can help you regain control of your life.

Be scalpel free through our innovative wrist approach

Why Choose UFE Over Traditional Surgery?

Unlike traditional surgeries, such as hysterectomy or myomectomy, UFE offers several advantages:

Minimally invasive

UFE requires only a small incision, leading to less scarring and a faster recovery.

Office Based Procedure

Most patients return home the same day as the procedure.

Less risk of complications

UFE has a lower risk of infection and other complications compared to traditional surgery.

Preservation of uterus

UFE allows women to maintain their uterus, preserving their ability to conceive in the future.

Meet Dr. Neel Patel

With over 200 five-star reviews on Google, Dr. Neel Patel, MD, is a distinguished board-certified vascular and interventional radiologist specializing in Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) at the Atlanta Fibroid Clinic. With an illustrious background that includes work at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Dr. Patel combines his extensive experience and exceptional skills with a personalized approach, ensuring every patient receives compassionate, individualized care.

Dr. Patel’s dedication to patient wellbeing goes beyond his impressive credentials, as he prides himself on providing outstanding bedside manners and a commitment to educating women about uterine fibroids. Choose Dr. Neel Patel for a truly positive experience and expert care in the nonsurgical treatment of uterine fibroids.

Take the First Step Towards Relief

Choose Dr. Neel Patel for a truly positive experience and expert care in the nonsurgical treatment of uterine fibroids.

Two patients provide their feedback after the UFE procedure:

TK: “Dr. Patel and his staff was amazing if I could give them 100 stars I would. The bed side manner was excellent something you rarely see in the health care field lately. After my procedure the Dr. Called me every other day to check on me and I really appreciate that. He made himself so available to me if I had any questions or concerns. Thank you again Dr. Patel and staff.”
WL: “I went to a few different doctors before deciding on Dr. Patel. The reason I selected Dr. Patel was because of his calm, direct and caring nature. We had 2 teleadoc meetings where he explained everything very well and i also loved his modern approach to medicine. i loved how his staff and administrators were very involved throughout the process even before i decided on doing the procedure with Dr. Patel. Before the procedure they provided me with very detail information about the procedure and statistical data. Overall, I got very good vibes throughout the process and now post operation.. I can say I made a good decision everything was seamless. Recovery wise it was better than expected i didn’t need to take any pain meds just some ibuprofen for the first few days. Highly recommend Dr. Patel and his amazing staff.”

Insurance Coverage

We accept a wide range of insurance plans to ensure that as many patients as possible have access to our cutting-edge fibroid treatment options. Our team is experienced in working with insurance providers to maximize your benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

List of Accepted Insurance Plans:

List of Non-Accepted Insurance Plans:

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