Mother and Daughter Duo Treat Fibroids with UFE

As I travel around the Metro Atlanta area, I often visit Primary Care Doctors, Internal Medicine Doctors, Family Medicine Doctors and Gynecologists. Little did I know my actions would lead to a mother and daughter duo’s decision to treat their fibroids with UFE, Uterine Fibroid Embolization. One day I walked into Dr. Cao’s office and greeted her staff. I explained the UFE procedure to them and later set up a lunch so Dr. Cao so she could meet Dr. Neel Patel.  Both doctors got along splendidly and Dr. Cao vowed to share our information with her patients.

One day Tina walked into to see her doctor only to learn she had fibroids. Tina was shocked as she was postmenopausal and in her early 60s but she was still suffering from uterine fibroids and they were still alive. Fibroids normally shrink after a woman enters menopause but that was not the case with Tina. She is not alone as many a postmenopausal women who had suffered from fibroids during their childbearing years have fibroids that are still alive and causing problems like urinary frequency, constipation and bloating. Tina saw our information in the waiting room and called our office for help. She wanted to treat her fibroids but she didn’t want a hysterectomy. I was happy to inform Tina she had another option. UFE, uterine fibroid embolization, a nonsurgical option and Tina was elated.

I talked to Tina on the phone, she made her appointment and came in for her consultation. After spending time in a face to face consultation with Dr. Patel, Tina learned she was a candidate for UFE. She booked her UFE appointment with Dr. Patel and had her UFE. Now she’s feeling great.  “There’s no more bloating or urinary frequency,” said Tina.

As you may know women whose mothers had fibroids sometimes are at higher risk for uterine fibroids. That was the case for Tina’s daughter. So after Tina had her successful UFE procedure, she decided to share the information with her daughter. After her daughter T met with Dr. Patel, she too learned she was a candidate. Now mother and daughter fibroid free. “I feel great! The bloating is gone and I’ve lost weight too,” said T.

You don’t have to suffer if you’re having fibroid symptoms. UFE takes about 45 minutes, you go home the same day with just a band-aid on your wrist and the recovery period is about a week. Give us a call if you’re suffering from fibroids or if you know someone who is suffering from fibroids. We will be happy to get the process started. Finally free with UFE. Get your body right for the holidays. Most major insurance including Medicaid, Medicare and Ambetter are accepted.

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