Party With a Purpose

I attended a day party with a purpose presented by radio and TV personality Carol Blackman, who also happens to one of my besties. It was designed as a fun event but also a party with a purpose as the folks who attended were able to get great information from some of the vendors at the party. Of course, I was a vendor at the party, and I was distributing information about UFE and fibroids and explaining to women there is a relatively new fibroid procedure performed through the wrist.

Dr. Neel Patel, MD is one of the physicians who perform this procedure at his facility in Decatur, GA.  He gains access through the radial artery and then on to the uterine artery to block the blood flow to the fibroids. Everyone I tell about the transradial procedure is simply fascinated. They’re trying to imagine who a doctor is going to treat their uterine fibroids by gaining access through the wrist. It is rather fascinating.

A business owner and her husband were sitting at the vendor table next to me, and she walked over and said to me, I need to talk to you. I have fibroids. I’m really suffering, and I’m tired of dealing with these fibroids. She told me she was offered a hysterectomy by her GYN but decided that she didn’t want to lose a body part. She said she wanted to learn more about UFE and is anxious to come into the office to talk to Dr. Patel to learn whether not she’s a candidate for this procedure.

My point is, you never know when or where you’re going to meet a woman who is looking for information about a nonsurgical option to deal with her fibroids. This business owner was actually suffering that day and didn’t want to move from her seat because she was on her cycle while she was working. Her flow was heavy, and she was having a rough time with it. She even had an accident in the bathroom.

But she smiled through it all, as many women do when they suffer in silence as a result of fibroids. She simply stated I want my life back, and I simply stated I’ll help you get your life back.  I told her UFE could change your life.

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