Wear White Again!

While the attending the 5th annual Atlanta Medical Association’s All White Party, I reflected on the number of women I’ve encountered over the years who never wear white. You’ll never see them in a white dress, white pants, white shorts or a white skirt.  They never wear white because they have uterine fibroids, and as we know, most women who have uterine fibroids just don’t wear white.

They are afraid they may make have an accident at work or at church or some other social gathering. I was happy to see all the women and men dress in white, but I wondered how many women decided to pass on the event because they didn’t fill comfortable wearing white.

It was an honor and pleasure to introduce the women at the party to Neel Patel, MD, a fibroid expert and an expert in the non-surgical procedure to treat uterine fibroid called uterine fibroid embolization or UFE. If you haven’t heard about UFE, yet, it is an alternative to surgery.

It takes 45 minutes, patients go home the same day with a Band-Aid, and the recovery period is about a week. The great thing is after women undergo UFE, they’re able to wear white seven days a week and 365 days a year.

I talked to a young lady at the party who told me that in the past she could never wear white because she suffered from uterine fibroids. Now she was fashionably dressed in a lovely long dress, and she was dancing and having a great time because she is free from fibroids.

If you’re suffering from fibroids, you can be free as well and get your life back with UFE.

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