The Holidays And Fibroids

If there’s one thing most of us realized over the past 18 months, it’s that having more time should allow us to focus more on ourselves. With so many outside commitments cancelled or delayed and the daily work commute eliminated, quarantine offered many people an opportunity for introspection and lifestyle improvements.

Some people took advantage of the opportunity of time — began a new exercise program, learned to cook, renovated their home, put together multiple jigsaw puzzles, practiced meditation, took up gardening.

As winter is upon us, and it looks as though the pandemic will remain with us through the holidays ahead, we should continue to prioritize health –– physical and emotional. Schedule plenty of time to exercise, prepare healthy foods, enjoy relaxing activities, and sleep.

But what if your fibroid symptoms are impacting your ability to do this — exercise, socialize, take care of yourself and family members? Fibroids even make it challenging to maintain a positive sense of self-esteem, especially during the holiday timeframe. You now find yourself experiencing all the anxiety the holidays bring, plus some additional health and safety concerns.

If you are suffering from painful, uncomfortable, or inconvenient fibroid symptoms like heavy bleeding, severe cramps, frequent urination, and low energy, and you add yet another level of stress to the equation… There’s little doubt that dealing with fibroids and making holiday plans are physically and emotionally draining.

Concern about managing fibroids and air travel, dealing with family get-togethers, COVID-19 risks, trying to decide on the perfect gifts for your loved ones, managing your fibroid symptoms also remain top of mind while making your 2021 holiday plans.

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