Don’t Forget To Take Care Of You and Your Fibroids!


It is amazing how strong and dedicated women can be when they are determined to improve their status in life. I participated in a health fair at the Atlanta police headquarters recently, and I met a lot of women, both civilian and police officers. I also met the beautiful new police chief, who happens to be a female.

Furthermore, I talked to one police officer who is working every day and going to school. She’s a great spending of money to further her education, but the problem is she also has fibroids. She told me that she is going to have to wait to have her fibroids treated because she has classes to attend, and she doesn’t want to take time off from school to take care of her fibroids.

I respect her determination to further her education and to improve her status in life. I know she is working hard as a police officer, and she is protecting and serving the citizens of Atlanta. Furthermore, I commend her for that.

I also want women to know they need to take care of themselves because if they don’t several things can happen. First, you have to deal with the heavy monthly cycles and pain that are caused by fibroids. You are steadily and constantly losing blood that’s not being replaced. This can lead to anemia.

When a woman is anemic, she feels faint and week. This can also lead to a person collapsing and perhaps breaking bones. So my point is while you try to live, work and go to school make sure you take a moment to take care of you.  If you’re not doing well, and you’re suffering, you’re not living your best life. With UFE, you could be back to work in less than a week. And you can study from home.

Take care of yourselves, ladies!

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