Getting Pregnant After UFE

Tasheen was suffering from fibroids for years but knew she wanted to have a baby. Even though she was pass what had been dubbed “advanced maternal age,” Tasheen was determined to have her miracle baby but she never thought conceiving a child would become an uphill battle. Fibroids were to blame. Was it possible to get pregnant after UFE.

Pregnant after UFE

The hopeful mother had hoped for the best when she found out she was pregnant but her pregnancy was plagued complications because of her fibroids. She thought she could live with the fibroids as she had in the past. She never thought the fibroids would be a factor in causing her miscarriage.

Tasheen was thrilled when she discovered she was pregnant but she knew something was wrong. She felt ill throughout her pregnancy but continued to hold on to hope the pregnancy would hold. Tasheen lost her baby but she vowed to do something about her fibroids. Tasheen attended a health fair at her job and discovered UFE. She made an appointment with Dr. Patel and decided UFE was right for her. She was tired of the heavy monthly cycles and pain and she wanted a baby.

Tasheen had her UFE procedure in December of 2016. She went to the doctor in May 2017 after missing her cycle and discovered she was pregnant with the baby she always wanted. At the age of 41, Tasheen is now expecting her 1st bundle of joy to arrive in January 2018.

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