Treating Your Fibroids Non Surgically

It’s amazing how times have changed. There was a period in time when women were only offered surgical options to treat their fibroids. Now, women can treat their fibroids non-surgically and return home the same day.
I recently participated in a health fair for Women’s Week at Green Forest Baptist Community Church in Decatur. I met one woman in particular who told me she was 30 years old when she had a hysterectomy because she had such debilitating fibroid symptoms and cysts, and she had no other option but to remove her uterus. She and her husband had decided they weren’t going to have any children, so they were fine with the fact that she would lose the very body part that allowed her to bear children.

I’m met so many women at this event who had surgery or had hysterectomy because of fibroids.  Fortunately, I met many other women who chose UFE, the nonsurgical treatment for fibroids. I also talked to several women who had UFE in the past. I met a woman who had UFE but was not happy with the results, so she said, “I want to come see Dr. Patel. Likewise, I want some fresh eyes to examine my situation.”

I love participating in these events for the community because I get a chance to hear the stories of women who have suffered through fibroids and who have come out victorious on the other side. Furthermore, I also get a chance to educate women who are not familiar with UFE. And I absolutely love the look on a woman’s face when I tell her Dr. Patel can treat her fibroids through her radial artery in her wrist. Women are absolutely fascinated by the fact that they can get relief from fibroids from a procedure which gains access through their wrist. The procedure takes about an hour, patients go home the same day, and the recovery period is about a week.

I also met a doctor from the Morehouse School of Medicine who was so gracious as she spoke to me about how she works with women in the Preventative Medicine Department. The event was great, and I was able to educate many women about non-surgical options to treat uterine fibroids. They treated us to lunch, a southwest salad, which was absolutely delicious.
I’d like to thank Green Forest Baptist Church for inviting me to the event and a special thanks to Joy Dinkins who is also a member of the church.

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